Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Profile: The Play True Challenge

Title The Play True Challenge
Version 1
Other versions n/a
Sponsor/Producer World Anti Doping Agency (WADA)
Developer Web Courseworks
Series n/a
Number in Series n/a
Company Description Web Courseworks is a full service eLearning firm specializing in serious games, immersive learning simulations, custom elearning projects, web-based learning management systems, and web-based course authoring software. Our client portfolio includes associations, corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions.
Description "In the Play True Challenge, you play the part of a young athlete trying to succeed in the sport of JumpCross.

You can improve your JumpCross performance by doing things that improve your stats. For example, you can lift weights to improve your jumping height or speed.

Doping will also boost your stats - but is it worth the risk?"
Categories/Folksonomy sport, life, exploratory, doping, jumping, competition, athlete, conversation
Lead Designer Clark Aldrich, Andy Hicken
Other Designers/ Writers Joe Rheaume, Michael O'Brien
Lead Programmer Joe Rheaume
Lead Artist / Video Maxeem Konrardy
Demo Available
Link to Video
Link(s) to Support Material
Platform(s) Online Flash game
Customizable (1 to 10) 8: Through XML, can change all text, logic of story, many variables. Other revisions must be done through Flash.
Special Hardware No - Flash-enabled device, recommend at least 800x600
Toolkit/Language used Flash (AS3), XML
Year Designed 2010-2011
LMS Integration/ SCORM none
Skill Level (Corporate/Military/Government)/Grade Level (Academic) all skill levels; young athletes (middle or high school age)
Student time 10 minutes
Available ([O]pen / [R]estricted by Organization / [N]o longer Available O
Single player/Multiplayer single player
Category: Course with sims | simulations | serious games | game Serious Game

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