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Ruckingenur II

Title Ruckingenur II
Other versions
Sponsor/Producer Zachtronics Industries
Developer Zachtronics Industries
Number in Series
Company Description
Description Ruckingenur II is a game of “rock and roll” reverse engineering of electrical circuits. Use the “hypermeter” to measure voltages, create pulses, monitor serial data, and debug chips. Filled with exciting, low-budget, live-action video sequences.
Categories/Folksonomy Game - Puzzle, Educational (Electronics)
Lead Designer Zach Barth
Other Designers/ Writers
Lead Programmer
Lead Artist / Video
Price FREE
Demo Available N/A
Link to Video
Link(s) to Support Material
Platform(s) Windows
Customizable (1 to 10) 4 (editor available)
Special Hardware None
Toolkit/Language used .NET
Year Designed 2008
LMS Integration/ SCORM None
Skill Level (Corporate/Military/Government)/Grade Level (Academic) Consumer, High School, College
Student time ~1 hour of gameplay
Available ([O]pen / [R]estricted by Organization / [N]o longer Available O
Single player/Multiplayer Single Player
Category: Course with sims | simulations | serious games | game Serious Game

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