Deadline Extended for WILL Interactive's $500,000 Simulate A Better World Challenge


WILL Interactive, an international leader in creating custom educational simulations, has launched an incredible opportunity.  They are calling it their ‘$500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge.’  (Find out more here.)

Basically, they are asking for people to submit ideas for a full-blown educational simulation that, if deployed, would have a positive social impact.  WILL will then put the top five submissions up to vote, and then build the winner and distribute it.

Frankly, if almost any other sim company offered this, I would be less excited.  WILL's offer should be tempting to anyone because:

  • WILL Interactive has an incredible track record of creating educational sims.
  • WILL Interactive has tackled more hard, socially tricky, complicated issues than anyone else.  They are so successful because they are so honest, as well as being so competent. (See Hate Comes Home
  • WILL Interactive really does want to make the world a better place.  I have known these people for a long time, and every time I leave them, I leave uplifted and excited  They are a wonderful, world-class team in all senses of the word.
So, please visit their site and submit an idea or two.  And please pass this news on.  This really is a chance to make the world a bit better.  The more ideas that are submitted, the greater chance the right one is chosen.


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