Profile: Freeciv

Title Freeciv
Version 2.3.1
Other versions 1
Sponsor/Producer The Freeciv project
Developer The Freeciv develoeprs
Number in Series
Company Description Open Source
Description Freeciv is a single and multiplayer strategy game inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization series. It is open source, free, and available on many operating systems.
Categories/Folksonomy History, Project Management, Civilization
Lead Designer Peter Unold, Claus Leth Gregersen and Allan Ove Kjeldbjerg
Other Designers/ Writers
Lead Programmer Peter Unold, Claus Leth Gregersen and Allan Ove Kjeldbjerg
Lead Artist / Video
Price Free
Demo Available No
Link to Video
Link(s) to Support Material
Platform(s) Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Ultrix, QNX, OS/2, Cygwin, AmigaOS, RISC OS, Maemo, ZETA, SkyOS and various BSDs. 
Customizable (1 to 10) 10
Special Hardware None
Toolkit/Language used
Year Designed 2011
LMS Integration/ SCORM
Skill Level (Corporate/Military/Government)/Grade Level (Academic) High School
Student time 10 hours
Available ([O]pen / [R]estricted by Organization / [N]o longer Available O
Single player/Multiplayer Singleplayer and Multiplayer
Category: Serious Game


  1. Great news.

    Just one point - The online version isn't at it's at - an important fact for those of us using Chromebooks