Profile: GoVenture Small Business

Title GoVenture Small Business
Other versions
Sponsor/Producer MediaSpark Inc
Developer MediaSpark Inc
Series GoVenture
Number in Series
Company Description MediaSpark is an award-winning software development, publishing, and gamification company.
Description GoVenture Small Business simulation is a realistic entrepreneurship simulation that recreates the day-to-day experiences involved in starting and running a small business. Like a flight simulator for business, GoVenture Small Business puts you in the role of founder and CEO of your own virtual business, while engaging you in realistic situations and problems. It’s easy to use, visual, interactive, and exciting!
Lead Designer
Other Designers/ Writers
Lead Programmer
Lead Artist / Video
Demo Available Yes
Link to Video
Link(s) to Support Material
Customizable (1 to 10) 5
Special Hardware No
Toolkit/Language used
Year Designed
LMS Integration/ SCORM
Skill Level (Corporate/Military/Government)/Grade Level (Academic) Corporate, College, and High School
Student time Varies
Available ([O]pen / [R]estricted by Organization / [N]o longer Available
Single player/Multiplayer Single and Multiplayer
Category: Serious Game

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