Profile: World of Temasek

Title World of Temasek
Version 1
Other versions
Sponsor/Producer National Heritage Board & Magma Studios
Developer Magma Studios Pte Ltd
Number in Series
Company Description "Magma Studios is a leading independent games company developing cross platform multiplayer online worlds, mobile and Augmented Reality (AR) apps, and social games. Magma's latest projects include the Ministry of Education’s Voice Activated Spy Tech (MMORPG), World of Temasek (MMORPG), ACM: Terracotta Warriors (AR: iOS) and Dinosaurs - Live! (AR: iOS). Magma harnesses the incredible power of games to captivate the demanding ""digital native"" generation. Using an approach that integrates research, storytelling, and game design, our passionate team delivers user-engaging experiences of world-class quality."
Description World of Temasek is a non-fiction massive multiplayer game world that recreates life in the 14th century kingdom of Temasek, which was located on the island which today is the nation of Singapore. Unique features include an active combat system, an interface with google maps to give historical context and a History Exploration Window that acts an interface to historical archive material.
Categories/Folksonomy Education, History, Curriculum
Lead Designer Aroon TAN / Christopher JONES
Other Designers/ Writers
Lead Programmer
Lead Artist / Video
Demo Available
Link to Video
Link(s) to Support Material
Platform(s) Web browser
Customizable (1 to 10)
Special Hardware
Toolkit/Language used
Year Designed 2010 (Launched in Mar 2011)
LMS Integration/ SCORM
Skill Level (Corporate/Military/Government)/Grade Level (Academic)
Student time
Available ([O]pen / [R]estricted by Organization / [N]o longer Available Open
Single player/Multiplayer Multiplayer
Category: Serious Game

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