Advanced Short Sim/Branching Story Technique: A Close-Enough Randomizer

Short sims may use a branching story structure, even as they expand the traditional boundaries of what a branching story is and does.

In some cases, a bit of randomization may be needed.  If the branching tool does not support randomization, I put in a collection of answers that seem equivalent from the user perspective, but, in this case, lead to two different random options a few nodes down.

This is not cheat proof nor bias proof, but for an exploratory sim, it meets a basic design need in a simple, quick and dirty mechanism.

This mechanism has the added benefit of allowing an instructor who is presenting the sim some absolute predictability, something that a more pure randomizer would not.

Note:  I will be publishing a series of short posts about "Short Sim" definitions and techniques, based on the last few months of work.  

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