Short Sim/Branching Story Technique: A Good Size - About 80 Nodes

The short sims I have been creating recently have used a state-based architecture.  This approach has trade-offs, but the speed and predictability of development and deployment, and the ability for me, finally, to be able to role-model an approach by which non-technical people can create genuinely interactive experiences in roughly the same time frame as creating text or video, has made this approach worth serious exploration. These are also easy to embed in html or epub documents.

One reasonable question is, how big should one of these short sims be, from a number-of-nodes (what BranchTrack <> calls "scenes") perspective?

I have created reasonably big sims, of 250 nodes, which turned out to be just a bit too hard to keep track of.  What I have found to be a sweet spot is about 80 nodes.  The configuration of these nodes, however, can vary tremendously, such as this example above and below.

The example below is shown through two view of the same architecture, one with all of the connections shown, and below, with the connections of one node highlighted.

 For one piece of sim model - just 3 options by 2 options by 4 options by 2 options - this is what the wiring looked like.

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